Canary Wharf Wayfinding

A HTML5 based interactive wayfinding kiosk for the Canary Wharf Estate

Beaver Group have created a series of touch screen kiosks across the Canary Wharf estate that provide wayfinding to the thousands of visitors and employers each day. I was lucky enough to be a part of it.

Canary Wharf is a vast  business and leisure estate split across many levels. The range of environments, shopping malls, business areas, streets and roads provided a huge challenge for us at Beaver Group. To communicate clearly the best way to navigate this labyrinth was the greatest challenge.

We overcame this by producing an extremely sophisticated cms system (which the client can administer themselves) and an intuitive approach to wayfinding across the estate. The system is based on html5 canvas elements along with css3 and jQuery animation. I was then involved with the front end design and implementation of the UX design and interface design.

We worked on a clear and concise pallette of colours, typography and icons. We also perfomred a number of user tests to establish waht was important to a user of the kiosk. This then informed the design of the interface greatly. This is the second phase of wayfinding kiosk I have worked on with Beaver and is one of my favourites.