Goode Sport

A responsive e-commerce site for a local racket sports company

I designed and assisted with the build on the ecommerce website for Goode Sport through Beaver Group.

Goode Sport has been the leading independent distributor of racket sport equipment for over 25 years. Through my work with them on Ashaway, myself and the team at Beaver were asked to develop their new website which combined the various brands that they supply as well as putting themselves at the forefront of the website itself.

The website contains a full product database with e-commerce functionality and integration of PayPal. There is also a retailers section which lists Goode Sports distributors across the UK using the Google maps api, mail chimp integration and a news blog.

I created the flat visuals for the website at mobile and desktop resolutions and then worked through beaver group to build and style the HTML. The site is fully responsive and allows full use of the sites functionality from any device.

The site is fully responsive so all aspects and functions within the site work across all mobile devices. It utilises less css so that styling can be created, edited and adjusted much quicker than standard css. The site is also built using the twig php framework allowing us to template and modulise the page architecture quickly while also performing more advanced content creation server-side rather than client-side. From a front-end developer perspective, these two approaches greatly increase my efficiency and productivity while making the code far more editable and accessible for the future.